Thursday Night Group about to hit 100 sessions!
Next session on the 16th is the 99th session for the Thursday night group.

The run has consisted of:
- Exalted (Solars): 29 sessions
- Exalted (Dragon Blooded): 37 sessions
- Exalted (Alchemicals): 9 sessions
- Atlantis: 24 sessions (and counting)

Unbridled Blade: Session 4.2
Session 4.2: The PCs arrived in the bustling city of Tartessos. The armada that followed from Tartessos dissipated into the mass of ships arriving for the Rising of the Seas festival. At the dock, the PCs met the Prefect's guards, who ordered Stelaro to accompany them to the Dome of the Sea. On the way, Stelaro met his uncle, Staan Loreca, the regent of Cadaza, and apparent contender for new Prefect of Tartessos. The old Prefect welcomed Stelaro and though expressed interest in the events of Targrim, brushed it aside due to more pressing matters. The Prefect's augur, Tromelind, took an immediate dislike to Phaedra but an immediate like to Baram. She offered to assist Baram in scrying for Akmanatos, on the proviso that he provide a white bull from the arena as a sacrifice. The Prefect's daughter, Adorinda, set up a clandestine meeting with Stelaro that evening through Phaedra. Stelaro then returned to his ancestral villa to find his younger brother Juvo alive. Juvo revealed that their family had been betrayed by Staan. Achindra met his old rival from the Grey Council, Nammelos, and on his advise travelled to the necropolis outside of town to meet "The Three".

Unbridled Blade: Session 4.1
Session 4.1: The armada followed the Celestial Queen to Tartessos. It stopped at Free Cove, the secure location of Tartessos' shipyards, to give Stelaro time to consider how best to approach the city and also time his arrival with the Rising of the Seas festival. Tali spoke to Baram and suggested that he either let he go back to the Caliph or tortured her, to discover the location of Akmanatos. At Free Cove, Stelaro was confronted by Bonifacio Gilroy who captained the Celestial Queen's twin called the Deep Reaver. He also met with Asceline Pompilius, who informed him that there were rumours of the return of the Black Blood plague as well as his old friend "Nicolo" who was believed to be dead. Nicolo was the one who revealed to Stelaro the truth of the Black Blood plague that allowed him to overcome the Great Darkness and avenge his family. Phaedra met with an old shipwright called Noffo Gianni who enabled her to speak with her mother and have a vision of the Slough. Baram intercepted a Sheban vessel and discovered a cadaver pyramid of the same kind he had seen used in Saturnia.

Naga, Half-Orc Fighter
I just finished my run of Legacy of the Crystal Shard and will be playing in Tyranny of Dragons run by James. As always, we randomly rolled a bunch of our basic character information and I got a half-orc fighter. After I located a miniature I liked for her, this quickly developed into the fully developed of Naga - my attempt to celebrate the full glory and terror of motherhood :)

Ngaiathel"s BackgroundCollapse )

My plan is for her to be 60% Fighter (for battlefield control and support), 35% Bard (for subtle divination and healing), and 5% Barbarian (for rage and going skyclad).

Unbridled Blade: Chapter 3 - Scions Scatter and Scorn
We have finished Chapter 3 of the Unbridled Blade campaign called "Scions Scatter and Scorn". The session logs can be found here:

Session 3.1:
Session 3.2:
Session 3.3:
Session 3.4:
Session 3.5:
Session 3.6:
Session 3.7:

Achindra: 54?
Baram: 66
Phaedra: 73
Stelaro: 78?

Chapter 1 - Gods Eye Open:
Chapter 2 - Edge of the Endless Ice:

Up next is Chapter 4 called "City Atop the Mire".

Unbridled Blade: Session 3.7
Session 3.7: Stelaro awoke in front of Cleon on the deck of the Tharshi flagship, the Celestial Queen. His crew were in chains and in the distance Mythurio and Didrick sailed his ship away. Besides hostile Tharshi guards, Stelaro saw a Sheban ambassador called Adan, who had a familial resemblance to Bahadur. In a desperate gamble, Adan freed Stelaro who then slew Cleon and took control of the ship. Pursued by the Tharshi fleet, he sailed back into Targrim's harbour and managed to bait the dragon Fume into attacking his pursuers. At the city walls, the sieging Tharhsi forces were being destroyed by the approaching Great Darkness. Tali suggested Phaedra summon Nihoddgr to stop the Great Darkness. The wraith of Phaedra's mother, Xanthe, confirmed it was possible. She also said that the Jormugand Society were seeking from her the secret of the island which the Salimatum Sarrim guarded above all else and that Daniel was the target of Efraim's curse, not Achindra. Adan discovered the fate of Bahadur and vowed to take vengeance on the PCs for allowing his cousin to die so. Stelaro decided to let the city fall, gather the Tharshi fleet and sail to Tartessos, bringing a warning of the true enemy. Phaedra came up with the plan to allow refugees from the city travel with Dazan and Rosa, via the portal, back to Zaless. As the PCs left and gathered their armada, the city fell behind them.

Unbridled Blade: Chapter Five Title
With Chapter Three - "Scions Scatter and Scorn" - finishing this week, we are moving into Chapter Four - "City Atop the Mire" in a fortnight. This chapter should bring all kinds of urban intrigue goodness. It is heavily inspired by Kull's "Shadow Kingdom" and Conan's "Rogues in the House".

The next chapter, Chapter Five, is likely to be called "Dead Man's Deadlock". I plan to use the supplement Monster Island pretty heavily for the setting, as I have for some time now. The narrative is mostly inspired by a story in Savage Sword of Conan called "Treasure of Tranicos". In it, three groups of pirates, that want nothing more than kill each other, are forced to work together to get what they want. The really cool thing is that without any real planning on my part, the other two pirate crews have emerged from play adding a whole level of history to the interactions.

Unbridled Blade: Session 3.6
Session 3.6: Achindra was awakened above the city in a dreamlike state by the spectre of Xanthe and Daniel. She informed him that Efraim's curse was directed at Daniel not him. She also warned him that Tali was in danger from the ill alliances she had made. Both Daniel and Xanthe were expelled by Dazan Drune who was still looking desperately for his daughter Rosa. Phaedra met with Nenjaksis which asked her if she held her mother's secrets. He advised her to met with Hatlimpoco to unlock that knowledge. Hatlimpoco was a displaced god that had possessed Bahadur, revelling in what he called the desecration of the beloved of the Salimatum Sarrim. Phaedra discovered that the god sought the location of an island at the centre of the Slough, a secret her mother was meant to hold. She then saw Stelaro's ship glide out of the harbour straight into the blockade. Elsewhere, Baram went to guard to Rosa. As he confessed to his promise to Dezirinda to kill her, Tali was dragged in front of the walls of the city to force him to keep his word. Baram was unable to choose a course of action, so Rosa sacrificed herself. Just then Leviathan appeared at the head of the Tharshi forces, seizing Tali and forcing Baram into a second duel, which Baram barely won. Achindra assisted by turning himself into a baby wyrm, unwittingly luring Fume, Dazan's full grown wyrm, to the city with his cries. As the PCs gathered inside the walls they could see Dazan pulling the city apart looking for his daughter, and hear the Tharshi cries of surprise as the Great Darkness finally descended on them.

[Atlantis: The Second Age] The Long Game
I am coming into the final two sessions of chapter 3 of my Atlantis campaign. That will take it over 20 sessions, which is my self defined threshold for a long campaign. I remain happy with the campaign and my sustained enthusiasm for it - the later being the key to an RPG campaign of any length IMO.

The campaign really feels like its built on the long game. This is something that I have never really experienced before as most of my campaigns have been between 6 to 20 sessions. I had almost been convinced that the concept was not appropriate for RPGing, and that focus should instead be on adding as much bang for your buck each session as possible.

Given I do very little forward prep for the campaign, and 95% of the campaign background comes from PC backgrounds, I have been letting character subplot and major plot developments happen at a natural pace. I don't finalise the details until necessary, though I remain consistent with all past decisions. This allows the campaign to accommodate the PCs actions whilst giving a sense that there is a coherent mass of plot developing away in the background.

By design, chapters 1 and 2 didn't really delve too deeply into these areas. Instead, it provided an immediate threat/adventure which forged the group and its path. However, chapters 3 and 4 have seen the spotlight turn on a single PC's background and issues, allowing us to fully explore that PC. My hope is that going forward, each PC will get a similar treatment. Admittedly, that may require another 2 or 3 years of play :) Not that the pace of the sessions is glacial. Far from it. But these developments take time alongside all of the other things that make up the campaign. Also, the natural pacing tends to really pay off when those developments occur.

In any case, I can easily see the campaign lasting the requisite length of time, and still have potential to be extended once we get through that. So, the long game seems worth the gamble.

Unbridled Blade: Session 3.5
Session 3.5: The PCs found themselves floating above the city of Targrim, looking out from the top of Dazan's tower. They were able to climb down to the city's walls and met Rosa, Dazan's daughter. Rosa held many in the city in a powerful enthrallment, and many seemed convinced that this power also held the besieging Tharshesh forces at bay. She asked Baram to act as her bodyguard when she walked the walls the next morning and, lovestruck, he agreed. Baram then took the opportunity to celebrate his recent victories, only to find himself in bed with Dezirinda, a member of the Triumverate. She revealed herself as an ally of the Great Darkness and promised to return his sister in exchange for him killing Rosa. Phaedra travelled to the People's Plaza and saw that Bahadur had somehow survived the attack at sea. He was now crazed and enraging Targrim's populace by spouting devotion to the city's brutal god, Hatlimpoco. Stelaro reunited with his crew, with assistance from Mihaelo, another member of the Triumverate. At the end of the night, the three gathered to decide what needed to be done the next morning.

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