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Kapcon 2011
So Kapcon 2011 is done. I had a great time. I got to attend most of it with Sam which was awesome in and of itself. On the gaming front, it was solid but due to a number of reasons it was a lot of effort this year to get there. So it feels somewhat like a victory hard won. Satisfying yet exhausting.

Round Two - Shadow Within Dreams
This was a scenario that broke pretty much every Kapcon rule. The PCs had not connections or kickers, had little momentum or restriction. But I still felt this was appropriate for what was a good story. The end result was very satisfying with an amazing constant slow burn for 3 hours (we had 1 combat roll in the entire game). This required constant effort on my part to basically fill in all those missing elements though. The players were also very awesome in getting what this was all about on a level I hadn't give them credit for in my prep.

Round Three - To Kill a Lie
This was my game highlight of the Con. It had the same slow burn as Shadows but as I had written it, it was a little more forgiving. On saying that the scenario is not an easy on to run and it always runs around 20 minutes overtime, which I cut short. Still I had a great bunch of players including 3 from Auckland that I have not played with before (including Kara and Hamish). In the game they also all took the devil bargains offered, which was a first, and the simultaneous comment of "why would I say no" between two players discussing the situation proved the number one highlight for the Con.

Round Late - Monsterhearts
Late night I played in Monsterhearts. It was a fun game ably run by Hix and played by Mash. It made me very interested in Apocalypse World, which I felt might use the same rules for better effect. It was a pleasant evening, but never quite reached memorable status. One player had a bit of a turn around in demanding the kind of game that was played then withdrawing somewhat when confronted by it. It also reminded me that as much as I like that form of gaming, it is tough to get right and relies heavily on the right set of skills and experience.

Round Four - Big Trouble in Little Freesboro
This was first round on Sunday. It was probably my low point in terms of GMing but was still satisfying. Like the two games before it, GW was a lot of effort to get right. The freeform insanity is fun, as is the gonzo tactical element. However, together they are tough to incorporate in a way that feels like a unified experience. I felt pretty shattered by the end, but happy with what I had done.

Sam had a great time this round running, my scenario Frog Princess. Despite not being it that game, I would call that my second Kapcon highlight. I was glad to help her out with this.

Round Five - Purgatory 13
I was looking for one round of strong playing so I signed up for Idiot's Laundry game. However, due to scheduling error, I found myself without game. Dale led the charge to join Purgatory 13. Sophie and Morgue joined us. The game was a lot of fun with two streams running coordinated through Maptools. It quickly devolved into something barely comprehensible but that only seemed to add to the whole affair. I left early to get dinner but was not surprised when I later found that we had 81 character deaths.

Round Prizegiving
Prizegiving went well, helping everyone share their experiences. I find talking about SDC more difficult that general announcements but I kept my wits about me long enough to give Mash a gently ribbing at his well deserved winning entry. Also highlight number 3.

Round Six and on - Rubbish, Vacuuming and Party
After that I helped pack up the Con. Purgatory and Monsterhearts kind of did what I would looked to fill Round Six with so nothing really appealed. Having done the packing many times before I actually had fun talking to people about the Con and helping out friends. This was highlight number 4, again oddly not about a game I played or ran. The result was (along with the efforts of many others) an early exit from the building.

Kapcon after party was fun but I was tired at that stage and it was packed. I was happy to get to a bed.

So overall the is Kapcon lacked memorable moments, but it had the satisfaction of a hard won victory.

Unlike the previous two years, I have game ideas for next Kapcon already and will be looking to make things a little easier on myself.

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Luke, I think you'll really dig Apocalypse World. It has some excellent GM techniques for preparing adversity and villainous plans to throw at the characters.

Yeah. I got that from the small taste I got.

Wow, so not just running four games, but four games that involved a lot of GMing. You're a glutton for punishment, dude!

I dropped Dr Who for late night due to some player pull outs on the day. This made it easier, but yeah there were all hard working scenarios.

Thanks mate, i really appreciated the help and it was good to have a chat as we worked as well.

And I also think you would like Apocalypse World as well.


Thanks Luke for running so many games, doing a sterling job with the SDC yet again and all of your help with the cleanup.

You were an interesting person to talk to at the after-con party, though mostly I was just trying to listen to you and Trond talk about things.

It wasa pleasure talking to you too. I hope some of your plans pan out in 2011.

Yeah im sorry if i dragged a little last round on saturday night have to admit it wasn't my best performance in roleplaying. but as a game i do have to give monsterhearts a big thumbs up

No worries :)

I did not intend to be critical of you. That type of game is very difficult especially on first experiences and your reaction was not unlike my own :) To be honest, it did make it tougher to keep the ball rolling but we all managed and it was a fun game.

Its good to see that you remain keen to see more of the game in action as it will only improve your experiences with them. I recommend checking out Day of Games in May if its run.

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