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Upcoming RPGs that I am interested in
So the upcoming RPG year is a little barren for me in terms of new games. Cthulhutech, Exalted, Dragon Warriors and Anima all truck along slowly with new releases. But there are some lights in the tunnel:

1. Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2. I played a lot of Fighting Fantasy and Advanced Fighting Fantasy when I was young and I have loads of fond memories. AFF is being rereleased shortly and looks like it will even get support beyond the original line up (first up is a Crown of Kings campaign :)). Its sort of like Dragon Warriors all over again.

I must say I am finding the revisions by Arion Games to be working for me too. AFF was a simple system but it had a few glaring issues that would probably discourage me from using it today. Arion Games have dealt with these issues head on, whilst being respectful of the original system. So much so that I will definitely give it anopther crack at some stage.

2. The Void. From the guys who did Cthulhutech, this is pretty much Call of Cthulhu in space. Initially, I wasn't all that interested but I have found myself becoming more so closer to the release date. I have recently realised that that I actually like the Cthulhu Mythos quite a bit but I prefer it out of the milieu of the 1890s and 1920s and moved to settings that interest me more like modern times (Laundry) or near future (Cthulhutech) and given a bit of a twist.

Aliens and Event Horizon seem to be strong inpirations for the Void. It does not look particularly innovative or hard sci fi but to be honest this actually makes it appeal. As much as I respect Eclipse Phase, I think I would get much more play value from Cthulhutech and The Void.

I also like what I hear about the system. Its traditional and simple. So much so that it is said that it can be picked up for the first time and you can be ready to play a scenario with a PC in less than an hour. Add to this the usual beautiful presentation and the 6x9 format.

3. The One Ring. I don't have a lot of hopes for this as it is designed by the War of the Ring baord game designers and I get the feeling it will have a WFRP3e vibe. But I could see myself investigating a good Lord of the Rings RPG and Jon Hodgson's art and the way they are looking to split the game to focus on playable areas and eras has me at least curious.