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General RPGing Update

Things are pretty hectic at the moment on the gaming front. It seems like everyone is releasing awesome RPGs via kickstarter or otherwise, from Princess Drive, Golden Sky Stories, Double Cross, Atlantis: Second Age, Warbirds and FFG's new Star Wars RPG. And that is even before you get to the RPGs that I have more immediate plans for and Exalted 3rd Edition.

First, Dungeon World. My first DW game - Treasure Hunt - was a lot of fun if a little squished for time and has cemented the game as my preference for AD&D conversions. My second of three DW games should start soon - Against the Cult of the Reptile God. However, it's the third one - Sentinel and Gauntlet - that has me most excited as it will be good to see DW in a longer game, with a little more room to build a fantasy tale. I have also decided to run at least one session of Dungeon World at Kapcon 2014, most likely Treasure Hunt unless something better comes along.

Second, Tenra Bansho Zero. I have still to run this, though the arrival of the books in about a month has me thinking seriously about doing so. I think I will be organising a 1-2 session test run with one of the demo scenarios in June or July, when Sentinel and Gauntlet has finished. I also have been toying with running AD&D's Assassin's Knot module with TBZ at Not D&D Con, given it is likely to be flooded with DW :) It should work pretty well, provide a poignant statement about D&D's murder hobo PCs and provide an easy entry into the heart of TBZ's awesomely fun system. I am still keen to write and run Glade with TBZ at Kapcon 2014, but will likely not start working on that until July or later.

Outside of that, my regular games - Exalted, Rogue Trader and Call of Cthulhu - continue. I want to run FFG's new Star Wars game with Kapiti College, but I am not wholly convinced its an RPG I want to follow. I also want test drive Exalted 3e, but that will likely take the backseat until later once the ideas have settled and more books released. I also expect to run Golden Sky Stories whenever a chance of relaxed fun RPGing presents itself.
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