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Dungeon World - Against the Cult of the Reptile God

I have recently been working on converting Against the Cult of the Reptile God for Dungeon World. Its actually quite a large adventure, so it took longer than I thought. I ended up just going with my gut on a few rules calls, hoping to wing stuff as I need in play. The conversion is here:

Its creeped up to 2.5 pages as I decided to add a bunch of things to keep all my prep in one place including the opening scene, opening questions and rumours.

Perhaps the biggest change to the original adventure is the focus on Misha Devi. As a fallen priestess, I found her interesting and possibly having a different angle on the whole situation, potentially even seeing her redeemed. Though this may go against the idea of playing to find out what happens, I have clearly left actually what caused her desire for revenge to be determined by the players (see Hall of Statues Custom Move).

Anyway, this one sees play on Monday and Monday week, so I will report back when done. I am also racing through Sentinel and Gauntlet, which starts a week today! After those two, I plan to run Destiny of Kings with Dungeon World before taking a break and considering longer term possibilities.
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