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Against the Cult of the Reptile God - Session One

I ran the first session of Against the Cult of the Reptile God with Dungeon World and without going into too much detail it was pretty awesome. All the players were engaged and on the whole I made good GMing calls, hopefully showing that I have learnt from my previous outings and have successfully changed my GMing style to suit the different set up.

Of particular note was that I also varied how hard my GM Moves were to create a more dynamic game with loads of tension without being overbearing. As a result, we had a number of intense character relevant scenes which spurred on a whole new plotline to the module. The Thief had an important artefact stolen from him (irony!), the Paladin vowed to defend Orlane is now its public enemy number 1, the Fighter is the perfect foil for Paladin (and vice versa) yet they are best friends, and the Druid has seen the fate that his own failing will cause.

Again, the session exhibited a translation of the existing module into something more dynamic and the PCs got into danger and out again on more than 1 occasion. I also ran my first detailed exploration and found that changing the scope of the GM Moves worked just fine.

I am quite looking forward Sentinel and Gauntlet this Friday now, given that the emergent crisis is more interesting to me than either of my previous offerings.
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