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Dungeon World - Sentinel and Gauntlet

I have just finished the final touches on my conversion for UK 2 and 3 - The Sentinel and The Gauntlet. As a double module, the conversion is a whooping 4 pages. This was also a little more rushed than I expected so it will continue to be polished including during the game itself, especially monster stats. I have been evolving the structure of these notes as I have gone along - adding new sections, organising content by location etc.

The conversion notes are: If anyone is playing in the module, it is full of spoilers.

Sentinel and Gauntlet will be an interesting adventure. Unlike my previous two offerings, it is larger in scope and it travels about a bit. It should provide a good idea whether DW is suitable for longer AD&D offerings. I was initially concerned about the (admittedly awesome) set piece ending, but given the emergent scenario I don't think this will be an issue, even with "a play to find out what happens" approach. On the upside, the Fronts in this scenario are very clearly set up around a central dilemma, more so than the other conversion, and I think this should make for a relatively compelling experience.
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