grandexperiment (grandexperiment) wrote,

Exalted 3e Kickstarter - Happy Days

The Exalted 3e kickstarter went live 6 hours ago: It is now on $180K and climbing. It looks set to be among the most funded tabletop KS to date. I am a happy Exalted fan :)

Between a Kickstarter for my favourite RPG, and all the other RPGing awesome going on at the moment, I think this year has been my best year for RPGs in a long time. It makes me almost dizzy thinking of it all. Tenra Bansho Zero (my other favourite RPG) is finally being shipped. I am getting mileage out of my AD&D material with Dungeon World, after a 15 year long quest. I may also finally get mileage out of nWoD thanks to the God Machine Chronicle, which I haven't even looked at in detail yet. Plus there is awesomeness like Golden Sky Stories, Warbirds, Shadows of Esteren and more.
Tags: dungeon world, exalted, tenra bansho zero

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