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Exalted 3e Kickstarter - Happy Days (Rise from the Dead)

For some reason this post no longer appears on my LJ despite being able to be searched via Google.

The Exalted 3e kickstarter went live 6 hours ago: It is now on $180K and climbing. It looks set to be among the most funded tabletop KS to date. I am a happy Exalted fan :)

Between a Kickstarter for my favourite RPG, and all the other RPGing awesome going on at the moment, I think this year has been my best year for RPGs in a long time. It makes me almost dizzy thinking of it all. Tenra Bansho Zero (my other favourite RPG) is finally being shipped. I am getting mileage out of my AD&D material with Dungeon World, after a 15 year long quest. I may also finally get mileage out of nWoD thanks to the God Machine Chronicle, which I haven't even looked at in detail yet. Plus there is awesomeness like Golden Sky Stories, Warbirds, Shadows of Esteren and more.

Update: The KS is now at $437K with 17 days to go, which is the 2nd highest tabletop RPG KS to date.
Update: The KS is now at $500K.
Update: The KS is now the top tabletop RPG KS!
Tags: dungeon world, exalted, tenra bansho zero

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