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Against the Cult of the Reptile God - Finished!

We finished Against the Cult of the Reptile God last night in a relatively rushed fashion. A combination of the sickness, the players being less active, and the adventure not being as engaging as I hoped made it a less satisfying experience than Treasure Hunt and Sentinel & Gauntlet (to date). But it still went reasonably well, and the players have expressed an interest in doing more Dungeon World.

The Dungeon World mechanics worked well for the younger players. But they still seem to remain somewhat distant from their PCs in the standard mystery/adventure setup. I am tempted to try some World of Darkness style gaming (or maybe Exalted) as I find that tends to break this barrier for the younger crowd. My issue is that that form of gaming tends to be incredibly taxing on the GM. So I still seem in a bit of dilemma when it comes to running for younger players in finding a game that works well for them, that I can also manage in my dotage. The search continues :)
Tags: dungeon world

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