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2013's Half Time Match Report

So, the first half of 2013 has already flown past and the second half has arrived. What an amazing year its been to date!

The first half was dominated by Dungeon World, which seems to have finally answered my seemingly eternal quest for an RPG to my satisfy my frequently occurring, if not always long lasting, urge to play old school D&D. Not only is it easy to find players for, it is easy to pick up and run and it makes that old school vibe feel fresh. Thankfully, as I started the year free of specific plans, I was able to run 5 games with it so far, with the 5th coming to an end in the next 3 weeks. I will certainly be returning to it, possibly with something more ambitious, though probably not until sometime in 2014.

Running alongside this has been my run of Horror on the Orient Express for Call of Cthulhu. I have wanted to run this for a while, so its nice to tick it off the bucket list. Its been reliable fun for what will be almost 20 sessions, though it hasn't quite reached the heights of some of the other prewritten campaigns I have run in recent times. I can't see myself wanting to do Cthulhu again for sometime, though when I do it will either be to run either Beyond the Mountains of Madness or Nocturnum.

With Horror on the Orient Express coming to an end in about 3 weeks along with Dungeon World, my gaming calendar opens up just in time for Confusion. This works well as I plan to revert to Con style gaming for the second half of 2013 so as to free myself up for Sam's commitments to Kapcon organisation, The World That Is and the local ballet concert. I also have Adventure Squad to organise, though I have already made considerable progress with this. I think my shortlist of games for Adventure Squad will be Hero Kids (a new set of heroes was just released), Golden Sky Stories, Star Wars WEG and Mermaid Adventures.

Starting with Confusion, I plan to focus my next 12-18 months on Tenra Bansho Zero and Double Cross. Unless Exalted 3e surprises me, these two games should hold my attention. I can't recall feeling so good about any single RPG, let alone two at once. To ease myself into them both, I hope to run my Confusion scenarios again at Kapcon (which along with Dungeon World and Adventure Squad leaves me more than fully booked).

With any luck, this will lead me into 2014 where I can devote myself to writing something for one or the other, or both. For Tenra, my hope is that it will be my Glade con scenario. For Double Cross, I would be happy with running more one-off scenarios from the supplements, though I may also look at a short episodic campaign too.
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