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Procrastination Post :)

Not much to post about at the moment, but I feel the urge to fill the space with an update :)

1. My most exciting news is Far Away Land ( has been printed, with books shipping next week along with the PDF. I am looking forward to this RPG quite a bit for a number of reasons. It looks excellent for both relaxed Con play (like Not D&D Con, Buckets of Sands, and Games on Demand) without being an "indie experience" and for younger players (Adventure Squad).

I am also looking forward to having a light hearted and quirky fantasy RPG, which has some depth and is not a total comedy. I am loving Adventure Time for its fast paced and ludicrous adventures that still have dramatic weight and compelling stories and characters. I would like to try that as an RPG.

2. Atlantis seems to continue apace. I am loving my new prep style as I find that my mind can flit to a variety of ideas that it finds interesting, relying on the underlying work to carry the session in other places. I am going to throw in a couple of ideas that should ramp up the session, but I can already see that I may need more sessions per story that I originally envisaged. Fortunately, I have no time limits :)

I also managed to find the first two Imaro books, which is an excellent S&S series based on African folklore and myth. Hopefully, along with Lieber's Lankhmar that I am currently reading, these stories will keep adding to my shopping list of stories and NPCs :)

3. I recently went back and reread the Mistborn RPG. It remains one of the few RPGs that I would describe as having beautiful mechanical design. There are many RPG with good mechanical design, and some have innovative, intriguing or exciting mechanical design. But Mistborn's is just plain beautiful. I don't think it would be quite as pretty in play, but its a joy to look at on the page and in seeing how its described and implemented in both natural and intricate ways.

With the first supplement finally out after 2 years and that supplement including an 100 page adventure, I may have to give the RPG a 3 session or so run. I am not sure who I would get to be players yet, though Sam and Sarah seem likely as Mistborn fans.
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