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[Far Away Land] The Stolen Crown

I played my first session of FAL today with my wife and two daughters (aged 5 and 7).

We did Gods and Architect of Far Away Land to start and came up with the Island of Awesome Adventure.

It was a peaceful land that was violently divided when a mighty star fell from the heavens. This saw the sea spill over parts of the land, creating a swampy land next to the Poomkin's sacred forest, twisting them and making them more insular.

It also connecting the land to the Sleptaurs, who lived on the other side of the Endless Desert, by way of a newly created chain of oases.

Also, it brought the Fire Elementals of Mt Sulphur and the Water Elementals of the Spiral Sea into conflict. This explosive energy was exploited by the wizards of Spellvale to power their spells.

The PCs included Borisina the Brave (a dwarf from the Holey Hills) and Holly an intelligent dog servitor of the wizards of Spellvale. My eldest daughter created Lucy, a vampire who could turn into a black winged horse and lived in the Ruins of No Return.

The adventure involved the wizards of Spellvale giving the dwarves of the Holey Hills a crown of kings, in order to stop them fighting over accusations of gold stealing (Holly and Borisina being the two representatives).

However, the crown was stolen by a troglodyte, who had in fact been stealing all of the dwarves' gold. The reason for this was that he was trying to plug up a new tunnel created by a fell lamphrey which was filling with lava. Though the PCs managed to plug the hole with rock and deal with the two monsters, they were left with the mystery as to why the fell lamphrey had fled this far west.

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