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The Wonderful World of Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been a bit of a rollercoaster ride in its first few years of its operation. But I think it is finally hitting its stride.

Initially, it was a bit lacklustre and risky. A few of the projects from those early days are finally beginning to fall over (Quantum) or become so painful that they should fall over to be put out of their misery (Far West). Then there were the boom years where projects were both amazing (Tenra Bansho Zero) and overreaching (Myth and Magic). Now they seem to have calmed down a lot more with a greater proportion of moderate yet still successful projects (Urban Shadows). Some companies have also built KS into their ongoing release cycle with success, bith large (Onyx Path) and small (Khepera).

I have been finding myself becoming more KS savvy too, and I have had three recent incidents where I used the greater interactive nature of KS to get even more from my RPG hobby:

1. Joirel for Far Away Land: Though I did not pledge at the top level, the KS creator considered my contributions on the forums and support generally should be rewarded by being to create an NPC for the RPG. I created Joirel, an NPC based loosely on the archetype of "heroines lost in another world" like seen in Narnia, Twelve Kingdoms and Rayearth. My primary aim was to try and capture my daughters' interest. However, it also brought to the creator's attention the need for greater female representation in the NPCs for FAL, making it a much cooler game in the process.

2. Nihodggr for Atlantis: Atlantis has been a big RPG for me and, as a way to say thanks, I had been preparing to pledge at the top levels in the final KS for the line, being the bestiary Theragraphica. I also wanted to add in my big bad for my Thursday night campaign into Atlantis canon. The amount of art for the book meant it was up against it to just get funded (made even harder as this was the second supplement). There was also very serious doubt about it hitting the same full colour hardcover as the previous two books. Fortunately, my pledge got it over that line, much to my pleasure. Also, my big bad will now be gracing the back cover of that book :) This could be the highlight of my entire RPG hobby career and something I will forever be proud of.

3. The Vessel for Urban Shadows: This KS has been a bit of a gamble for me. Based on my Dungeon World experiences and what I have seen in preview, this could be a good solution for all of the World of Darkness woes that have plagued my last 15 years. As soon as I pledged, I proposed an archetype covering beings where a life force was imbued into something else, like Frankenstein, Golems, Homunculi, and even "Pet Cemetery" like possessed animals. I also commented that the "Wild" Faction could do with a 4th archetype to match the "Power" and "Night" Factions. I even argued for the name "the Vessel" over something like "the Created" in order to broaden the concept. I was surprised to see the archetype, name and all, becoming a stretch goal that is shortly to be reached. Having made a stamp on the RPG, I am even more hopeful it will prove a success for me.
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