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Kapcon 2015 Plans

Its still a little while away, but here are my plans for Kapcon 2015. Like last year these have kind of grown without much planning. Sam is again organising the Con and I will be organising Adventure Squad on the Sunday. So, the idea is for low key games, even if I look kind of busy.

Round 2 - Shadows of the Moon for Atlantis: I kind of wanted to do some straight forward fantasy RPGing this year, but D&D5e feels lacklustre for Con play and I don't want to go up against it directly with something like Dungeon World or Castles & Crusades. Atlantis has been the hit of my last 12 and I have wanted to run a Red Nails homage game for nigh on 10 years now. So, the stars aligned for Shadows of the Moon:

Round 4 - Handful of Dust for Urban Shadows: This will be during the LARP. The RPG has only just finished its KS, but the Archetypes and Move sheets are already in good enough shape to run. The World of Darkness/urban fantasy vibe is strong with this one and along with the Apocalypse World engine, it seems like a perfect fit for the tabletop round during the LARP. I hope to run this mostly 'off the cuff' from player contributions:

Rounds 5 and 6 - Adventure Squad: This year I am limiting my options to just Far Away Land and Golden Sky Stories, both of which have proved themselves excellent for your players:

That just leaves the outside possibility that I may want to run Ryuutama once it hits, though I suspect that it will need to wait until I have a scenario idea, which means its out for this year at least.

So, rounds 1, 3 and 7 are free :)
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