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Kapcon 2016 Plans

This is subject to change, but I think my plans for Kapcon 2016 will be as follows. Nothing as big as last years' Vault of the Dracolich, but a couple of easy to run and lower prep con scenarios instead. This year, Sam, Ayla, and Sophie will be helping out with GMing Adventure Squad, so that leaves me with some room to play with.

Round 2 and 6 - "Kish Kaisei" for Tenra Bansho Zero: I have been enjoying a lot of samurai tales this year and Tenra Bansho Zero is a perfect RPG to emulate them. As with my previous TBZ scenario, its easy enough to tone down the OTT and anime elements for something a little more traditional. Something closer to Rurouni Kenshin, Sword of the Stranger, or Vagabond.

Round 3 and 4 - "Handful of Dust" for Urban Shadows: I planned to run this in round 4 last year, but it didn't arrive in time and I didn't have sufficient chance to playtest it. It has now arrived and it looks excellent.

Round 5 - Adventure Squad: In the round that I am not running Tenra Bansho, I will be in Adventure Squad. I will have Epyllion and Icons ready to run. However, I am hoping to just support Sam, Ayla, and Sophie. Sam will have Ryuutama, Ayla will have Lone Wolf and Far Away Land, and Sophie Far Away Land.
Tags: epyllion, far away land, icons, kapcon, ryuutama, tenra bansho zero, urban shadows

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