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[Shadow of the Demon Lord] My first pregens
I made my first set of six 4th level pregens for my upcoming Con game, Measure of Faith, and I went with rolling almost everything randomly outside of the main choices. These are a group of badass witch hunters, who are on the periphery of the Cult of the New God.

This is what I got:

Aengus/Agnes: A Human who started as a hero but was broken after being captured and thrown in a fighting pit. Their former altruism is now twisted into a drive to excel as a witch hunter.

Flicker: An 10 year old Changeling who has taken in by the Cult of the New God, disguised as an adult devotee. The Cult sees them as a saint, but their "miraculous" powers are actually from being possessed by the devil.

Anvil: A spider-like Clockwork who was created by the Cult of the New God to spy on its enemies. After it was taken apart by Goblins, it discovered that it had little love for life, not even its own, and became an assassin.

Heida/Helmut: A dwarf whose clan was killed by beastmen. They now invent weapons of destruction, funded by the Cult of the New God, to regain their honour.

Tinkle: An 80 year old Goblin who was a professional hobo until they became a Witch for the sex. They pretty much hate everyone and punctuated sentences by spitting.

Sanguineous: An Orc who has become deluded into thinking they are a holy paladin, when they are in fact just haunted by the angry ghost of someone they killed and whose leg bone they use as the hilt of their sword. Devout New God followers are too afraid to tell them otherwise.

I am very happy with the result. I can see these as a group in a book or movie, and each one is one that I would happily play.

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Hmmm... it sounds almost worth venturing out of Games on Demand to play.

Your previous experiences with WFRP and D&D would put you in good stead for the game.

I note that the PCs in A Measure of Faith are more competent than The Apple of Her Eye, which is more in line with starting WFRP/CoC PCs.

Surely it's all about rich character drama, rather than some tiresome system crunch?? : )

System crunch is rich character drama! :)

SotDL shares some similarities with D&D but its different. The comment was about the overall style and vibe.

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