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[Godbound] Skyreach - a sample scenario
Godbound (now in its final Beta 1.0 before the KS launches on 1 March - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4qCWY8UnLrcSUhNYkIwSjZGc00/view) has a great GM section that provides great advice and tools for the GM. Of particular interest to me were the random generators for Courts (groups of people) and Ruins (places to explore). Both are fundamental components of an Exalted/Godbound-like scenario. Together they create a focussed sandbox where the PCs will succeed at what they put their efforts to but ultimately be left with more strands and consequences as a result.

Anyway, I put the two generators to the test and rolled up one Court and one Ruin and combined them to create a scenario. Once completed, I fleshed over the details, but really the hard work was already done.

I wrote up the result as a 4 page scenario: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yb0ylcjet97k55c/Skyreach.pdf?dl=0

Along with PC creation being so simple, I think I will be running this at Buckets and if it goes well Kapcon too. I have always wanted to run Exalted at Kapcon but the mechanics are cumbersome and I didn't want to strip them back to a point where it no longer reflected its mechanics. Godbound provides a solution.

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You going down to Buckets this year?

Sorry, Buckets of Sands not Buckets of Dice, being the relaxed weekend of gaming we host for friends in early March. The name started as a joke and was meant to change, but it kind of stuck :)

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