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[Far Away Land] 3, 2, 1, point!
I have been using a variant of the world creation system in the FAL Companion to great effect for younger players. I have coined it "3-2-1-point". Each step is done once by one player, before moving to the next step.

Step 1: Take 3 coins or chips and throw them on a blank piece of paper. Each forms a geographical area. This is the same as the system in FAL but the three coins creates a two dimensional shape, unlike the use of two coins.

Step 2: Take two coins and throw them on the same piece of paper. Each forms a path or barrier that makes travel along it easier or travel over it harder. This can be roads, walls, rivers, tunnels, portals, cliffs, etc. It can also be less physical, like language barriers, weather changes, communication networks. This is a new step, but it really helps make the map dynamic, especially for those travelling across it.

Step 3: Take one coin and throw it on the map. This is a place. Again similar to existing Architects of FAL.

Step 4: Point to a place on the map and tell something about it or ask a question about it. This is similar to Historians of FAL but more limited and is useful in fleshing out elements on the map and identifying those elements that are of interest to the players.

After all of this, you should have enough to run a few adventures. I have used this for a fantasy landscape, space sectors, and modern town maps.