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Time to Turn Out the Lights
With two whole months passing without posting here, I have come to realise that I think this LJ page has run its course. Not that there has been any activity on my friends page either in that time TBH :)

With a new campaign starting up tomorrow and my decision not to post Actual Play Reports here, I doubt that I will be posting here anymore.

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Poor old LJ. My friends feed here is a very unusual, infrequently-updating bunch...

Thanks for all the thoughts and posts here, have been thought provoking and interesting.
I've been checking my LJ friends page about once a fortnight, and can't recall the last time there was actually something there to read. On my end, before FB, I used to post daily. Just don't have time for more than one social network!
Will miss the play reports - gave me a giggle to read through them. I'll have to write my own in character ones instead :)

Fair enough. I check quite infrequently. It's hard to connect now with how important this site was to a lot of us 10 years ago.

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