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Procrastination Post :)

Not much to post about at the moment, but I feel the urge to fill the space with an update :)

1. My most exciting news is Far Away Land (www.faruniverse.com) has been printed, with books shipping next week along with the PDF. I am looking forward to this RPG quite a bit for a number of reasons. It looks excellent for both relaxed Con play (like Not D&D Con, Buckets of Sands, and Games on Demand) without being an "indie experience" and for younger players (Adventure Squad).

I am also looking forward to having a light hearted and quirky fantasy RPG, which has some depth and is not a total comedy. I am loving Adventure Time for its fast paced and ludicrous adventures that still have dramatic weight and compelling stories and characters. I would like to try that as an RPG.

2. Atlantis seems to continue apace. I am loving my new prep style as I find that my mind can flit to a variety of ideas that it finds interesting, relying on the underlying work to carry the session in other places. I am going to throw in a couple of ideas that should ramp up the session, but I can already see that I may need more sessions per story that I originally envisaged. Fortunately, I have no time limits :)

I also managed to find the first two Imaro books, which is an excellent S&S series based on African folklore and myth. Hopefully, along with Lieber's Lankhmar that I am currently reading, these stories will keep adding to my shopping list of stories and NPCs :)

3. I recently went back and reread the Mistborn RPG. It remains one of the few RPGs that I would describe as having beautiful mechanical design. There are many RPG with good mechanical design, and some have innovative, intriguing or exciting mechanical design. But Mistborn's is just plain beautiful. I don't think it would be quite as pretty in play, but its a joy to look at on the page and in seeing how its described and implemented in both natural and intricate ways.

With the first supplement finally out after 2 years and that supplement including an 100 page adventure, I may have to give the RPG a 3 session or so run. I am not sure who I would get to be players yet, though Sam and Sarah seem likely as Mistborn fans.

On the QT

I have been a little quiet on LJ of late. The main reason has been that I have been on holiday for two weeks and all the accompanying chaos. RPG related stuff has or is happening though.
- I am running the finale of my Double Cross mini-campaign this Saturday.
- My Atlantis campaign start has been moved back to 8 May. I had hoped to post up PC backgrounds but I haven't got them in a complete, readable form yet. I am still very excited by it and I am devouring various related media (Atlantis books, Savage Sword of Conan, First Book of Lankhmar, First Kingdom, Spartacus) in the meantime.
- Far Away Land looks to be the most well managed KS of all time and release months in advance of its due date (probably June). I had a lot of fun writing an official NPC for this RPG, and I have been watching lots of Adventure Time to get myself in the right head space. Its my official "RPG I am looking forward to".

Buckets of Sand 2014

Buckets of Sand was last weekend. It almost didn't get hosted this year due to the crazy LARP season from late January to mid April. However, we pushed ahead with the only available date we had.

As expected (and common across all tabletop RPG events at the moment), the number were a little down on previous years. However, this had a pleasant effect for the most part, except for a lack of games on Sunday. Everyone who brought games got to run them and there was much less "hungry shark" recruitment. I also found that food, space and energy were much better.

I ran Edge of the Empire in the afternoon. It was a relaxed session, with a nice little hook that played out well. I enjoy the system. It's not the best (especially for Buckets), but it's OK for Star Wars and people seem keen on it. I was happy that a traditional style RPG got run too.

I then played the board game Nuns on the Run, which was very fun despite one player acting as a distraction for the rest.

In the evening, I had Dungeon World to run. I was keen for Hix's Nod game, given my recent focus on S&S but didn't expect to play it. However, with Sam and Paul running other games, I got my chance. It was probably my favorite game of the weekend, with Hix, Ivan, Karen and Nasia all doing a good job with the strong storygame style. The final story in hindsight was very good and we found that we had created a city good enough to steal for a traditional style game (such as my Alantis :)). However, the experience also reminded me of the issues with that form of play. It was very fun but there was always an undercurrent of anxiety that the story might not work and uncertainty as to what would happen if it did. It was also unforgiving on anyone who couldn't keep up with the other players.

No late night game was run. Though Advanced Fighting Fantasy was almost run on Sunday morning, it was replaced by a chilled out social Sunday instead which I think was for the best.

I am a little disappointed that Far Away Land is being released a couple of months too late for the weekend, as I would have liked to have run it as it seems like a good fit. Still, there is always next year :)

The Shape of 2014

With almost two months under the belt including Kapcon and first half of an excellent mini-campaign, the shape of my 2014 gaming year seems to be coming into shape.

The main opportunity for the year is a chance at running Atlantis: The Second Age with my Thursday night group. I consider this group to be my "regular" group. I haven't had chance to run anything long term for them on week nights due to the significant shift in my gaming brought on by parenthood. For the last 4.5 years we have also been playing the amazing Exalted, which is now beginning to wind down.

Atlantis will hopefully be a return to the sort of campaigns before parenthood, armed with new skills and insight. Parenthood made me realise that you have to take your RPG opportunities as they arise and so I hope to embrace the campaign in a big way. The whole thing has come as a bit of a surprise, almost like the stars were aligning themselves, even seeing one of the key Exalted players returning. The world and rules seem a great match for the group, reminiscent of Exalted of old but without the parts that became an issue over time. I also have a vast field of inspiration to draw on.

Given the size of that endeavour, I expect that my other RPGing may take a back seat this year:

1. I will be running the second half of my Double Cross mini-campaign, wrapping it up in April. Its been an excellent campaign, but the current story will have run its course and changes in players' schedules make running it with regularity difficult. I can see returning to the game with a new mini-campaign every now and then in the future though.

2. I hope to run either Star Wars' Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion out of the book/box for Kapiti College starting in March. That should scratch my itch for that RPG, running for that club and running "pre-written" adventures.

3. On the Con scene, I am looking to take a much more relaxed approach to things this year. Prepping Dungeon World for Buckets of Sand has made me want to do some low effort yet fun Con games only. I am hoping that Far Away Land will be a good option for this (without being as ubiquitous as Dungeon World) and it also works well for Adventure Squad.