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Fabled Lands PbP almost completed

So after 2 and half months and currently 260+ in character posts, my Fabled Lands PbP "Belly of the Beast" is wrapping up. The game was actually short for a PbP, roughly a 3 hour session tabletop.

Overall, I am pleased with the end result and am proud to have actually seen one of these things through to the end, even if it was due to some extent to the short nature of it.

It will certainly fuel my thoughts for discussion on the medium in the future.

Convention Season

So Convention season is about to begin (I always consider July to be the beginning), and I am taking stock of where I am at. My gaming this year has been as strong as it ever has, though I doubt there is little that would excite the Con luminaries much like the last few previous years :)

With delays at Wildfire and a continued aversion to spend too much effort in my RPGing, I am guessing that Arnimor Dual, the two GM Cthulhutech scenario will not see Kapcon 2012. The general concept is done but the hard part has yet to be started and I just don't see it happening in time.

Like last year, I find myself interested in a number of low key scenarios based around prewritten material.

- House of Hell for AFF2, also possible for Fright Night
- Belly of the Beast for Fabled Lands, my current favourite PbP
- In Hunting a Monster for Exalted: Dragon Blooded, I have wanted to do an Exalted Con game for about 8 years

There are also two others that Sam is also keen on running:
- Last Dance for Fabled Lands, this one has been on the top of Sam's list for years
- Blood Moon Rising for Lone Wolf Multiplayer Game

So plenty on the menu already which seems positive. As said, no standouts but that's cool. I am also clearing more of the stuff that has been sitting on my to do list.

Fabled Lands - Play By Post

So my Fabled Lands play by post has been going for over a week now and it is has been pretty awesome. I feel like after a number of attempts I have finally cracked the medium and can create an enjoyable and sustainable game this way. Its not easy. The medium is fraught with difficulties but the effort pays off.

Understanding tools and how to use them has helped a lot. Ditzie, photobucket and Invisible Castle all see regular use. Also understanding html tags on forum boards, especially spoiler tags helps too.

It has also been nice to really explore one to the major advantages of the medium in that it handles split groups better than any other medium for RPGing. In the PbP the group has split into and it may be some time before they converge.

In other related new, we are having our first combat here (at the bottom): http://forum.rpg.net/showthread.php?581902-Fabled-Lands-Quest-1-Belly-of-the-Beast/page6. We are using the battle grid, even though as demonstrated earlier it isn't necessary. Combat has been lightning fast and fun, which has been an interesting contrast to D&D4e. It just shows you that battle grids don't need to mean extended and involved mechanics. WFRP2e taught me that, but Fabled Lands takes it to the next level.

Review of Fabled Lands RPG

Fabled Lands is a solid fantasy RPG on all levels. Thhough there is no particular innovative elements either in terms of the mechanics or setting, the overall package is well designed and playable. I would rate the game 4/5 for both substance and style using RPGnet's reviewing system.

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Free Online Tools

I don't think many people run RPGs online, especially not in Play by Post. However, if you do here are some great online tools for replicating battle grids in that format:

Mapping software using dungeon tiles - http://pymapper.com
Make tokens from any picture - http://www.rptools.net/index.php?page=tokentool
Dice roller - http://www.invisiblecastle.com
A way of bringing Maps and Tokens together - http://ditzie.com

I am particularly impressed with Ditzie which is just perfect for my uses. It allows you to create a gallery of images much like photobucket. However, you can then create a link to page where all those images are accessible and can be set as background (unmoveable) or moveable tokens. The real beauty is that you can move a token, press enter and it generates a new website address that can be cut and pasted for public viewing. This allows for groups to have immediate accessibility to the same images that are manipulable without the hassle of live connection or servers. Its very simple.

The thing that makes these four tools shine, other than that they are free, is that they are all easy to use - very easy.

Fabled Lands - Sokara Cover

Having loads of fun with Fabled Lands RPG, even in the little time I have had it. Its like a very flavourful light D&D RPG with an excellent setting and none of the D&D, old school RPGs or poor design.

I will report more when I have time. However, I will say that I love random PC creation when it is well designed. The PCs for the Play by Post I am putting together are impressive given just a little input by the system.

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Also, here is a review by Dave Morris himself: http://fabledlands.blogspot.com/2011/06/fabled-lands-role-playing-is-here.html

Gamebooks - the 90s and beyond

As a part of my return to gamebooks, I am getting a chance to read some of those that came out in the 90s or since, which was after I pretty much left them.

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The golden age of gamebooks has passed but there is life still there and pleasantly we seem to be moving back into a revival of some kind. I am pleased to see that there are new gamebooks around that my children will be able to look back on as fondly as I did on those released when I was their age. :)