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[Godbound] Bond of Delchard - a sample scenario

Following my experiment with 1 Court and 1 Ruin for the Skyreach scenario, I had a go with a 2 Court scenario called Bond of Delchard.

Predictably, this is much more of a social intrigue scenario than Skyreach, being open in nature, but it came together nicely. It does contain another weapon of mass destruction. Not sure if this is coincidence or a trend with me or the random generators. I expect the former :)


Current RPG Projects

Without really trying my RPG calendar has filled up nicely with the following:

Mondays: I am continuing to play in Booby's Tyranny of Dragons for D&D, now into the second half. The GM has shown an interest in playing in one of the FFG Star Wars adventures once we are done.

Thursdays: Due to some anticipated changes, I am now running a short (12 sessions or so) campaign of Ryuutama. Once done, I hope to either run Mutant Year Zero or Godbound, or play in Urban Shadows, next.

Saturdays: I am also continuing to play in James' Tyranny of Dragons for D&D, but with a number of expected breaks this year, I am running Shadow of the Demon Lord when those breaks occur. The first is this Saturday.

Cons: For Buckets of Sand, I have Skyreach for Godbound ready to go, and Far Away Land for the younger crowd (using my 3, 2, 1, point system for scenario creation). I may also look to run Godbound at Not-D&D Con and even Kapcon, if it proves a success.

Family: With Imperial Assault behind us, I am planning on running Lost Mines of Phandelver for D&D for the family on the weekends.

[Godbound] Skyreach - a sample scenario

Godbound (now in its final Beta 1.0 before the KS launches on 1 March - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4qCWY8UnLrcSUhNYkIwSjZGc00/view) has a great GM section that provides great advice and tools for the GM. Of particular interest to me were the random generators for Courts (groups of people) and Ruins (places to explore). Both are fundamental components of an Exalted/Godbound-like scenario. Together they create a focussed sandbox where the PCs will succeed at what they put their efforts to but ultimately be left with more strands and consequences as a result.

Anyway, I put the two generators to the test and rolled up one Court and one Ruin and combined them to create a scenario. Once completed, I fleshed over the details, but really the hard work was already done.

I wrote up the result as a 4 page scenario: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yb0ylcjet97k55c/Skyreach.pdf?dl=0

Along with PC creation being so simple, I think I will be running this at Buckets and if it goes well Kapcon too. I have always wanted to run Exalted at Kapcon but the mechanics are cumbersome and I didn't want to strip them back to a point where it no longer reflected its mechanics. Godbound provides a solution.

Jacobi Silverheart in Godbound

I have been reading Sine Nomine's upcoming Godbound RPG and decided to make my my Lunar Exalted PC. Beast doesn't quite deal with Lunar's transformation but its so close that I am happy with how he turned out.

Jacobi Silverheart (Silver Jack)

Strength 14 (+1) Check 7
Dexterity 16 (+2) Check 5
Constitution 13 (+1) Check 8
Wisdom 8 (-1) Check 13
Intelligence 10 (-) Check 11
Charisma 18 (+3) Check 3

Saving Throws
Hardiness: 14
Evasion: 13
Spirit: 16

Wealth: 0
Experience: 0
Dominion: 0
Influence: 2
Effort: 2

Hit Points: 9
AC: 1
Deadly Beastman Transformation 1d10+2 Check 17
Moonsilver Reaper Daiklaive 1d6+2 Check 17
Fray Dice d8

Facts: Survived on the edges of the wild, Stories are told of told of Silver Jack, Compassion stolen by a parasite god

Goal: To reunite with his true love

Alacrity, Beast, Passion

Cannot be surprised.
Can speak to animals and is never willingly attacked by unintelligent natural beasts.

Gifts of Alacrity
Swifter Than The Sun On Turn: Commit Effort. Your movement rate is twice as fast as your fastest pursuer or quarry, to a minimum of 60 feet per move action.
Walk Between the Rain Constant: Your natural AC is 3. You cannot be hit by anything not driven by a purpose unless you allow it.

Gifts of Beast
Red in Tooth and Claw On Turn: You have or can instantly manifest natural weaponry that does 1d10 damage and counts as a magic weapon. Against natural or magical beasts, these weapons always strike against AC 9.
Many-Skinned Mantle Action: Adopt the shape of any beast, natural or magical. Alternately, transform a human within sight into a natural beast; Commit Effort until the end of the day to affect those of greater hit dice, who also get a Hardiness save to resist.

Gifts of Passion
Fashioning a Friend Action: Commit Effort for the scene to beguile a visible creature, inspiring it to feelings of friendship and cooperativeness towards you.