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Avatars - Fight!

I am currently experiencing some technical difficulties following my Drasilite (Space) Pirate avatar being chased away by a Drasilite (Space) Policeman avatar.

By the way, that's no truncheon. Its a (laser) truncheon. Oh the drama!

Star Frontiers

Almost by random coincidence I picked up and read my Star Frontiers books over the weekend, probably the first time in over 20 years. I have done a lot of reading of old RPGs recently, and I have found more often than not they don't age well. I was pleasantly surprised that Star Frontier remained a pretty good game (in fact a darn good RPG).

For those that don't know Star Frontiers was released by TSR in 1982 as its sci-fi equivalent to D&D. It was renamed Alpha Dawn when TSR released Knight Hawks, a seperate yet compatible RPG/wargame set in the same universe.

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Anyway, my reading led me to look back over all the Star Frontiers that had been released and want to run it again. I wonder if one of the modules could be converted into a 3 hour game for Confusion :)