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The Walking Dead 6


I may just pretend that the end of episode 5 and episode 6 didn't exist. Shouldn't be hard as they don't add anything to the story other than remove 1 minor character from the group.

Its like the whole CDC thing was added to keep up the interest for the lowest common denominator. Instead, I had hoped they would have kept the pedal to the metal with the tension, leaving the audience hooked, battered and bruised, liked the comic book did (even if they didn't follow the same story points). However, all that was achieved was an undermining of all the tension by rehashing the same drama and allowing the whole thing go into the secure artificiality of movie-land.

Let's hope season 2 picks up where the first 4.5 eps left off.

Walking Dead - episode 5

Episode 5 is good but took the first real veer away from the existing plot line with the CDC. I will wait to see what happens but I can't say that I think its a good one so far. It seems very "movie-like". What little I have heard of episode 6 sounds like that they haven't chosen the existing climax which I think would have had incredible impact and hooked people into the second season.

Ah well, 6 episodes was a tough call and everything is still going well, so I will given them the benefit of the doubt and watch episode 6 tonight.

Walking Dead - 3 and 4

I watched episodes 3 and 4. Going in, I had heard that 3 was slow but 4 was good. I also heard reports of more deviations from the comic. None of these elements proved negative.

Epsiode 3 was slow but slow is good and it was needed to help establish the characters which will be essential for the plot down the line. This is how it works in the comic book and it has equally good effect. There were some minor deviations in the episode from the comic, mostly to emphasise certain plot points for the different medium.

Episode 4 was good. I noted that the credits listed Robert Kirkman as writing the episode. I can't recall if this was the same as the previous episodes. In any case, it showed Kirkman's ability to stick to close to zombie tropes but also manage to turn things on their head enough for you to take them seriously. Walking Dead is odd but good as it doesn't obviously reinvent the zombie genre yet it is amazingly fresh and compelling. Excellent stuff.

I still see the TV show as sticking close to the comic. There have been plot changes and character additions (all for the better) but it feels very true to its source. Enough so that it evokes pretty much the same feelings in me when I was reading it and the plot points can generally be predicted (not 100%).

Most of all, I love the pace. Before I started watching I predicted and hoped that the TV series would take it slow and follow a rough 1 episode to 1 comic pace. That has pretty much proved accurate for the first 4 episodes and it has benefited the show enormously. I also think this season will end with the same finale of the first graphic novel (comics 1 to 6) which will be absolutely awesome.

Honestly, I can't think of a better handled zombie saga or comic book translation to TV/movies than this show. Go and watch it and then go read the comic.